The Most Scientific Human Transformation Program on Earth
18 September 2022

Le Méridien, Kochi

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(Futurist, Biohacker, Peak Performance Coach)

The Peak Performance Convention, to CREATE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU using Rapid Transformation Techniques.

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What everyone is looking for in life, can get it all here.

  • Enduring Happiness.
  • Higher Energy Levels.
  • Disease-Free Life.
  • Live Long -Stay Young.
  • Living The Dreamlife.
  • Having a Sense of Belongingness.

After the Pandemic

Yes, this is the time for RISE UP. Covid-19 Pandemic hit the human population not just in a physical level; it has hit us at all levels of our life. Uncertainty about everything including life has created damage not just in our minds but even at our genetic levels. The entire human population definitely needs a RISE UP. Some of the common consequences of the pandemic which could be resolved through RISE UP:
Techniques and methods applied in rising Up work on your brain and body. It creates positive changes in the neurochemical and biochemical activities in your body. Rise Up in every sense helps you to create the best version of yourself.

About Sajeev Nair

Sajeev Nair is an Internationally acclaimed futurist, peak performance coach, biohacker and a successful serial entrepreneur. He is the author of 5 best sellers. He immerses in research connected with futuristic subjects right from epigenetics to DeFi. He is a biohacker and has helped millions of people to take charge of their own body and mind so as to perform at peak levels in all areas of life. He is also a Web 3 Business consultant and blockchain enthusiast.

Corporate Executive

It was a never-before experience. Next time I am going to bring my colleagues too.


I was amazed, I have spent a lot of time learning about the brain, its anatomy, and also treating my patients with various illnesses, but the concepts learned here about the brain was totally new to me and it has brought significant change in my life and career.

Startup Entrepreneur

I would recommend all startup entrepreneurs like me to undergo this program because no academic knowledge would teach us the skills and methods taught here. The lessons taught at Rise Up are scientific and could be easily applied in our day to day life. It has already started showing good results in my business.

IT Professional

Very thought-provoking, it completely changed my perspective on life.

Financial Advisor

I have attended so many motivational training programs, but this was truly unique and inspirational.


A great learning experience and I am going to pass on the knowledge I gained to my children and I'm sure they are going to perform well in all spheres of life.

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